Sol Graffiti – Sol Graffiti EP review

MCM-GS-505Spoken word artists perform in a dramatic fashion, crafting wordscapes to depict a story for their listeners. I was happy to hear an artist I was unfamiliar with. Sol Graffiti is a husband and wife team, comprised of spoken word poet Amena Brown Owen and deejay/music producer Matt “DJ Opdiggy” Owen.

Sol Graffiti released their self-titled five song EP this spring and it’s a knock-out. By blending rhyme, soul, hip-hop, electronic and groove, Sol Graffiti has created their own unique sound. Sol Graffiti added a noteworthy artist, Peter Furler, who brought his distinctive vocals to the opening track, “Reason to Believe”. The premier song of the EP, is the anthemic,”Graffiti for Your Soul” with it’s deep bass and Amena’s vocals taken to a preeminent level.

Notable and significant, Sol Graffiti has the gift to make a big impact in music.

Find the Sol Graffiti EP on iTunes and Spotify.


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