Svarteskerm shakes up the dead with “Illojala Till Slutet”

The fan base of crust punk may be slim, but the music is significant. Returning to the studio is Sweden’s Svarteskerm. Sung entirely in Swedish, the four song EP, Illojala Till Slutet, delivers a blistering fast and aggressive look at the political and social turmoil found in their native country. But each of the song topics transcend borders. These are concerns that hit home for all of us. 

“Diognetus” reminds us that it’s too easy to have national pride take away our sensibilities by failing to recognize that all the countries of this earth are our home. The current day reality is that we live in a misogynistic world, where men’s relationship with women are too often one sided is revealed on “Inte alla män”. The music of “Psykbryt” sets for the tone about how mental health affects our outlook on life.

I was hoping that the darkness would be alleviated on the closing track of Illojala Till Slutet, but not so. If my translation of “Du din djävul behöver Jesus” is correct, the song narrator is a Christian giving a harsh rebuke to a non-believer.

Illojala Till Slutet, this latest release from Svarteskerm, continues in the band’s tradition of facing reality with with eyes wide open. The band may not always offer a solution to societal ills, but they do raise awareness that Christianity can be a light in a dark world.

Find Illojala Till Slutet on the ZAP Records Bandcamp page. 

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