The Shiny Darks – Stab at Love


The Shiny Darks is a classic style punk band hailing from Houston, Texas. This threesome released their second EP, Stab at Love, this spring. Racy guitars, heavy drums and clear vocals are trademarks of this band.

Their bio describes the trio’s music as being “positive and happy”, definitely not a typical theme for a punk band. The band has been compared to My Chemical Romance. My opinion is that they are closer in sound and style to the Christian punk band, The Scurvies, from Anchorage, Alaska. Paul Mendez handles lead vocals and guitar, his younger sister Gem Mendez on drums and background vocals, guitarist Quenton Rockwell provides the band with a jagged edge, heavier feel. The band was founded in 2005, with their only previous release being the 2007 EP, At War with the World.

The title track of the new EP, Stab at Love, keeps in the same vein as their previous release. The song lyrics describe a heart that was, as the song pines, left “beating on the floor” but with the wounded lover’s realization that their love was not to be.

“I Wanna Be A Kennedy” is a flirtation with the American Dream. How this fallacy of reaching for the golden apple can lead to disappointment when it is not achieved.

I’ve finally arrived
So roll out the carpets and ring bells
It’s been too long now
Since I’ve felt the kiss of love on my brow
It’s been too long since I’ve felt anything at all! Oh, No!

Probably the weakest track, musically and lyrically, of the EP is “Photographs”. The tune follows the trials of a changed relationship:

And I knew today would be the last time that we’d speak
You’re still the same, but your smile sure has changed
I thought it would be hard to say goodbye
but we just walked out of each other’s lives
I threw the photographs away

The final track, “Holiday” contains the only overt Christian lyrical content on the EP. How we may follow a dark path that draws us back to the Lord. It is a solid re-telling to the return of the prodigal.

I didn’t get any sleep last night, getting ready to go
so I grabbed my bags as you kiss me, well out the door
As every step takes me farther from home
I miss you more than before

I’m on a holiday
I’m on a holiday
I’m on a holiday, to Hell

Every day was harder than the last but I held on
Looking back, God never let go of my soul
Every night I would pray
Lord please show me the way

If only I knew all the things I know now
Isn’t it funny that’s the way life goes,
Somethimes you gotta go throught Hell
To hear the ringing of Heaven’s bell

This EP has been on a constant cycle on my iPod. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am.

A free download of Stab A Love can be obtained at the band’s website. Click here.

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