Throne of Awful Splendor – The Supernal Hunger review

Throne Of Awful Splendor FRONT

“And he said unto them: “I saw Satan as lightning fall from heaven.” – Luke 10:18

The metal thunder of Throne of Awful Splendor resounds on their latest release, The Supernal Hunger. This is a beautifully melodic EP, with its barreling drum kit and racing guitar combining to become the musical linchpin of The Supernal Hunger. The stylish integration of the guttral vocals of Rodney Wilder with Jason Borton’s clean vocals, add a defining element to the sound of Throne of Awful Splendor.

Four songs yields just enough time to create an artistic recitation of Christ’s temptation by Satan (Matthew 4:1-11). Styled as a ongoing conversation between the two, each song flows flawlessly into the next, building anticipation for its well-known conclusion.

Into each song Throne of Awful Splendor builds challenging lyrical content. I scrambled to pull up Google to find definitions for “graveolent”, “Abaddon”, “benedight”, “anthropophagous”, and “philosophaster”. But, struggles are meant to be overcome (and no, I won’t provide the defintions). The time spent delving into the song lyrics raised both my level of understanding and a greater appreciation for the detail Throne of Awful Splendor puts into their art.

The Supernal Hunger demands attention from those looking for musical and lyrical boldness.

Throne of Awful Splendor is:
Rodney Wilder – Vocals
Curtis McTeigue – Guitar
Colin St. Claire – Bass
Jason Borton – Drums, Clean Vocals


Pick upThe Supernal Hunger CD for only $10 from SkyBurnsBlack Records or digitally through Bandcamp.


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