Randy Stonehill, Jodi King at Murray St. Baptist Church

What a great night of music! Friday September 30th, one of the fathers of Christian rock, Randy Stonehill came to Peterborough, ON to play at Murray St. Baptist Church. Randy is well known for being one of he originators of Christian rock. He began his music ministry in 1971 with the release of Born Twice. His acclaimed 1976 album, Welcome to Paradise, was listed as number 13 of the 100 Greatest Christian Albums by CCM Magazine.

Randy shared songs from his 41 year musical journey. The crowd favourite had to be “Shut de Do”. The audience eagerly joined in on the fun lyrics.

Randy’s style has ranged from fun songs (“American Fast Food”, (with the only belch I have ever head on a Christian album)), social commentary (“Who Will Save the Children?”, “Great Big Stupid World”), our trials as believers living in this world (“Even the Best of Friends”, “Christmas at Denny’s”) to worship (“Faithful”, “Good News”). Stonehill has continued to present the Lord’s message in the same folk/rock format as four decades ago. This is a timeless style of music. His voice and abilities are as strong today as they were when he first began recording.

Randy was kind to spend some time with me for an interview that will be played on The Antidote 92.7 FM on Oct 12, 9 – 10 PM. Listen in and hear Randy’s comments on Christian rock history, his new album Spirit Walk, and his thoughts on today’s music industry and trends.

Jodi King is an up and coming Christian artist form Winnipeg, Manitoba. In addition to performing songs from her current album, Little Smile, King also accompanied Stonehill on a number of songs. She is best known for two singles, “My Boyfriend’s Jeans”, and “Breathing In / Breathing Out”. She told me after the concert that she wants her music “that a young girl can rock out to, singing into her hairbrush in her bedroom, and her Mom can also enjoy it”. She described her musical style as pop, in the vein of Britney Spears, but in with inspirational lyrics. Jodi give a very breathy vocal style, that suits the music she performs. She has received four Covenant award nominations for 2011. The end of October will reveal if she can claim this prize.

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