Episode 303: Best of 2017

The Antidote
The Antidote
Episode 303: Best of 2017

For a radio program with the tagline “Christian Music That Doesn’t Suck”,  it’s obvious that The Antidote has opinions about music. Join us as we bring the very best releases of 2017 and be prepared for surprises!

Music from:
10) The Ongoing Concept http://theongoingconcept.com/
9) Bruce Cockburn http://brucecockburn.com/
8) MUTEMATH http://www.mutemath.com/
7) Withered Bones https://www.facebook.com/witheredbonesaz/
6) Johannes Maria Knoll https://www.jmknoll.at/
5) Sean Michel https://www.facebook.com/seanmichelmusic/
4) October Bird of Death https://www.facebook.com/octoberbirdofdeath/
3) Paper Shakers https://www.papershakers.com/
2) Fleshkiller https://www.facebook.com/fleshkillerofficial/
1) Army of Bones http://armyofbones.com/

Photo credit: Pom Angers https://www.flickr.com/photos/pom-angers/

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