Facedown Records exposes their roots

throwback01_cover-600x600Want to know where Facedown Records started? Check out their new Throwback Sampler to hear some of the label’s early releases.

Vol. 1 features 12 tracks from such classic Facedown bands as Means, Figure Four, Symphony In Peril, Seventh Star, Nodes Of Ranvier and more! To go along with this sampler, all of the affiliated albums are on sale on iTunes worldwide for just $4.99 through the end of 2013!

Facedown Records Throwback Sampler Vol. 1

Means – “Connected”
Figure Four – “In The Face Of Death”
Symphony In Peril – “For Now We See In A Mirror, Dimly, But Then Face To Face”
One 21 – “Runaway”
Alove For Enemies – “The Harvest”
Nodes Of Ranvier – “Don’t Blink (Or We May Miss It)”
Seventh Star – “Thick And Thin”
Inked In Blood – “Lest I Sleep The Sleep Of Death”
Dodgin’ Bullets – “Tomorrow The World Will Change Forever”
Bloody Sunday – “The Curse”
Falling Cycle – “Rose Adore”
Indwelling – “Hymn”

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