Food For Life Ministry Benefit Compilation

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Music compilations are awesome for revealing new bands and music to the listener. Even greater is delivering 23 songs for only $10. Best of all is a compilation which has a defined (and divine) purpose.

Thumper Punk Records and Raven Faith Records are pleased to announce the release of the “Food For Life Ministry Benefit Compilation,” an album featuring new and previously unreleased hardcore, punk, acoustic and pop songs donated by 22 bands to raise money to support the efforts of the Food For Life Ministry.  Based in the Inland Empire (east of Los Angeles, California), Food For Life Ministry is committed to serving those in need with food and encouragement.  Food For Life Ministry desires to care for the whole person, providing food for the body and nourishment for the soul.

1.   LIV. – Make Moves (On The Attack Records)

2.   Platoon 1107 – J.I.G. (guitar solo by Vulcho Bonev) (Thumper Punk Records)

3.   Praiser – Remember My Words

4.   Grace and Thieves – You Don’t Know (Veritas Vinyl)

5.   All The Departed – Infected (On The Attack Records)

6.   Hippos of Doom – The WAYne Brady (Thumper Punk Records)

7.   The Old-timers – No Regrets (Thumper Punk Records)

8.   Living Fire – I’m An Old-timer (Thumper Punk Records)

9.   Gary Trimble – Trust

10. He Never Sleeps – Hosanna

11. False Idle – To God Be the Glory (supercharged) (Thumper Punk Records)

12. Christ’s Sake – Sex Trafficking (Thumper Punk Records)

13. Almondo – Give It Up

14. Ambassadors of Shalom – This Ain’t Home (Thumper Punk Records)

15. The Lonely Revolts – The Sojourner (additional guitar by Ron Ruhs) (Thumper Punk Records)

16. Servants N Saints – Let ‘em Go

17. No Lost Cause – Everything’s OK (Thumper Punk Records)

18. The Poor Geezers – Set Out Seeking (Thumper Punk Records and Raven Faith Records)

19. Peter Field – Hebrews/ Perfect King (feat. Sara Pereira)

20. Rob Lanterman  – Everyone Leaves

21. Abby Nicole – On the Inside (MMLJ Records)

22. Lights to Lights – The Book of Obadiah (MMLJ Records)

“For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in.” – Matthew 25:35
All profits from this album go to the Food For Life Ministry.  Available for purchase in CD format from the Thumper Punk Records webstore  and digital versions are available now at the Thumper Punk bandcamp page.  Digital versions will also soon be available for purchase through iTunes, AmazonMP3 and the usual suspects.  All praise and glory to Him.

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