Rottweiler Records release unique Christmas compilation

a0367544065_16This is a “Best Of” collection of Christmas tracks from the past five years, PLUS some brand new ones that were submitted to Rottweiler Records with the sole purpose of honoring God, celebrating life in Him, worldwide music scene unity regardless of musical style, and having a ton of fun in the process.

Some songs are quite serious and reverent, some songs are silly and fun, and some are just well. . let’s call them unique. In totality this eclectic group of Christian artists represents a small fraction of the creativity of God’s people, in some small way mirroring His divine creativity.

However you choose to celebrate Jesus Christ’s birth this Christmas season, we pray that you choose to keep your focus on Him. Enjoy this compilation and have a very blessed Christmas!

Get your free download  of “Best of Fleas Naughty Dog”, Christmas compilation by clicking here.

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