Sleeping At Last – 36 song “Yearbook” free download

original-yearbook_coverSleeping At Last announced a free download of Yearbook.

I’m thrilled to tell you that starting right now, my 36-song project “Yearbook” is FREE for a limited time via NoiseTrade!

Though it’s entirely FREE to download, the real purpose behind giving “Yearbook away is to help raise financial support for a cause that means a great deal to me:

I’d like to introduce you to Preemptive Love Coalition. Living and working in Iraq, they facilitate lifesaving heart surgery for Iraqi children in need. In pursuit of peace between communities at odds, Preemptive Love Coalition have already saved the lives of many children. But due to recent challenges (learn more about that here), they are in great need of financial support to continue their incredible, life-saving work.

It brings me great joy to help shed light on the beautiful and hopeful work Preemptive Love Coalition are doing, by partnering together for this campaign. It would mean so much to me if you would consider giving your support to them by downloading “Yearbook” and using the “tip” feature on NoiseTrade to give whatever you can.

100% of all “tips” received between July 1st and July 14th, 2014 will be given directly to Preemptive Love Coalition to help continue the amazing work they are doing- saving the lives of children in Iraq!

Please visit here to learn more about Preemptive Love Coalition!

CLICK HERE to download “Yearbook” for FREE now via NoiseTrade (and please consider giving a “tip” for Preemptive Love Coalition!!)

I love you guys so much and am so grateful that you have not only supported me by listening to my music, but that you would even consider helping support the causes that mean so much to me. Thank you!!

Much Love, Ryan O’Neal
Sleeping At Last


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