The Antidote joins 3R Radio


Our world is expanding! The Antidote has been welcomed into the fold of Righteous Rock Radio or 3R Radio as it’s more commonly called by its listeners. The Antidote now airs every Tuesday at 7pm EST on 3R Radio.

Heard both online and through multiple mobile phone apps. 3R Radio offers up a radical blend of music to suit everyones tastes. Christian rock dating back to the beginning, all the way up to today’s releases and “hits”. The format is mostly modern rock, however you can also expect to hear classic Christian music, hard rock, metal, Southern Gospel, and even bluegrass. This diverse blends of styles keeps the music fresh.

In a typical hour you will hear mostly modern rock, a couple of classics, and then depending on when your listening perhaps a rap tune, a gospel tune, or even a hardcore metal tune. So if your listening and you don’t care for what’s playing, give it a minute and you’re bound to hear something totally different.

3R Radio offers themed programs, such as the Bluegrass Gospel show. Two hours of the best gospel bluegrass ever recorded. Other featured shows include the #tbt Showcase Show, Holy Hair, Muzik To Raize The Dead, Snap Crackle, Pop (the vinyl show) and much more.

3R Radio also brings syndicated programming, such as The Covenant Metal Show, The Resurrection Metal Show, Old Stuff with Phil Brand,Venue 52, Christian Rock 20 plus many others and now, The Antidote. Be sure to check out the 3R Radio full schedule.

Check into The Antidote on Tuesday at 7pm EST and find other great programming every hour of the day.

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