Beth Goudie – The Boat review


Dorset, UK based, Beth Bullock is well known as a featured vocalist with electronic artist, Andy Hunter°. On her newest musical outing, Beth has returned to her non-stage name of Beth Goudie for her new release, The Boat which was recorded, mastered, and delivered into the hands of the public in a blisteringly fast two weeks. The four song EP, draws listeners back to the 1960’s, and the musical simplicity found on the guitar driven tunes of Judy Collins, Joan Baez, and Joni Mitchell.

“Tomorrow” – always facing forward, unable to return to the past, realizing that each new moment is tomorrow.

“Jeanie” – loved by her husband and her sons, a woman is placed on a pedestal by her family as they acknowledge her giving heart.

“Home” – disheartened during dark times, before a dream reveals freedom by returning home.

“The Boat” – describes a young girl, longing for womanhood, but still needing the comforting of her fathers’ love during a trying night.

Simplicity doesn’t mean simple and The Boat, finds its greatness in its accessibility. Lyrically, The Boat gathers the emotions and relationships of the songwriter and delivers them to her audience with a universality, that enables us to claim each of the songs as our own.

Click here to find Beth Goudie’s The Boat, now available on Bandcamp.


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