Beth Goudie – Wilderness review


It seems that not only does Beth Goudie have an amazing voice, she’s also turning out to be both a prolific and insightful songwriter. Goudie is set to release Wilderness, her second EP of 2015 on August 21st. 

A quietly played guitar combined with subtle and softly sung lyrics, define the music of Beth Goudie. Following on the path laid on her previous release, The Boat, Goudie expands upon the congruence between earthly and divine love on Wilderness

The greatest ability of a songwriter is when they can touch their listeners with a relatable story. The opening song on Wilderness, “If You Want To” spoke intimately to me. Describing the frenzied pace of new love could be used as the story of my wife and I. As we met and married within a 9 month span, but with the realization that this love is forever.   

I know we’re moving fast when most would take things slow
But I already know I never want to let you go
I’ve heard it said before that when you know, you just do
And you could have my all now, if you want to
Yes, you could have my all now, if you want to

It can be envisaged that the song title, “My Husband’s Wife”, might easily raise the ire of any woman who doesn’t want to be known as her husband’s property. The lyrics give away the true intention of the song, as the words recount how the church body (and we as individuals) are the bride of Christ.

Cos into the darkness He shone
He said he’d been there all along
Out of the ashes I rose
Bearing no thought to what held me below
Right through the ages He shows
Sometimes to see him but always to know
Into my senses He poured new feelings and I was restored

Struggles in love also arise, but find resolution in “That Night At The Table”.

But like ships straying far from their anchors
We found ourselves lost in the tide
Unable to stand I held tight to your hand
And I cried and I cried and I cried

Two chords don’t hold well in winter
But three cannot easily fray
So I looked above to my God who is Love
And I prayed and I prayed and I prayed

The closing and self-titled track, Wilderness, is the standout song on the EP. Beautifully crafted and sung, “Wilderness” recounts what may have gone through the minds of the Israelites as they trekked through the desert with Moses.

When will this wilderness ever release me?
Forty years filled with fears, never the plan
I know you’ll see me through
You go before me
Soon all this turns to bliss

As it should be

Very few singer/songwriters can hold my attention for more than just a moment. What it takes to make a difference in my life and in the music world is to have a master storyteller like Beth Goudie.

Find Wilderness August 21st through Bandcamp.


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