Dangerous Minds – Blood Diamonds review

LA hardcore band Dangerous Minds has officially released its long awaited debut album Blood Diamonds through On The Attack Records. 

Heavy hitting guest vocalists abound. Nate Rebolledo – Xibalba, Levi Lehman – Judgement Day, Joel Muniz – Dynasty, Matthew Salamante – LIV, and Tommy Green – Sleeping Giant, add their talents to take the sonic landscape of Blood Diamonds to the pinnacle.

Blood Diamonds combines heavy hardcore grooves with complex metalcore stop-start rhythm structures Musically ferocious, each of the tracks lyrics forcefully extol the nature of Christ’s compassion, steadfastness, and love. These attributes are best laid out during the opening song, “Introducing”.

He’s the first and the last no beginning no end
Eternally true outlasting every worldly trend
Supremely legit a bloody cross will contest
That every knee will bow and every tongue will confess

You are lord

And You’re worthy to be praised. Do it.

Dangerous Minds carry their lyrics past the trite and expected. “Take The Blame” refuses to accept the common misconception that God “owes us”.

With nothing we’ve come into this life
With nothing we’re leaving when we die
We’re living these days on borrowed time
Still blaming the Lord for all our strife

There’s no shadow in truth that won’t be brought to light
There’s no shadow in truth left for you to hide
You’ve turned your back, so take the blame

A boldly non-typical album, Dangerous Minds, Blood Diamonds, is powerfully and wonderfully compelling.

Top tracks: “Hard Times”, “Blood Diamonds”, “Brothers”, and the amusing “Party Step”.

Dangerous Minds features:
Marcel Muniz (vocals)
Jeremy Tudon (guitar)
Michael Massey (guitar)
Alan Litrell (bass)
Danny Perez (drums)

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