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Street punk preachers Living Fire have released the follow-up to their 2012 debut release, Jesus Rules. Dead To Sin features 16 tracks and 44 minutes of blistering paced street punk and Oi! fueled by passion, energy and praise, but musically it’s as subtle as a sledgehammer.

Brazil’s Living Fire was created in 2005, beginning solely as an evangelistic project, with no fixed line up. Each of the musicians participating in the events were invitees, except for bass player/vocalist and founding member, Luis Carlos Medeiros. 2011 found Living Fire dialing up the action and Luis was joined by permanent members, Michel Oliveira (Drums), Murillo Xavier (Guitar), and Wesley Farina (Guitar).

Medeiros replaced his native Portuguese tongue for English, except on “Indescritível Amor”, which describes the Lord’s unspeakable love. The vocals may be heavily accented, but they leave no doubt as the where Living Fire stands in regards to their faith. “Skinheads 4 Christ” lays out their intent.

Crucified skinheads
Crucified with Christ
Staying side by side
Skinheads for Christ
That is our way of life

Awaiting for the glorious day
Worshiping and keeping the faith
In our father El Shaddai

Outstanding tracks vary from the surf rock infused punk of  “J.C.H.C.”, to the worshipful “Desire Of The Deer” and “Psalm 100”. Even a Christmas oriented song “Let’s Celebrate Christmas is part of the package. Luis offers his personalized perspective of his faith on “I Am an Old-timer”.

I’m not the type of guy who is easily convinced
With new theories about what’s true
My lifestyle is based on such older things
My appearance might seem modern to you
But my heart beats in an old way

The most outstanding aspect of Dead To Sin is the three bonus songs. “Jesus Is Not Dead”, “Come With Us”, and “I Want You Lord”. Recorded during a dynamic live show in Sao Paulo, Living Fire has proves that they are a stand-out live performer.

For those searching for punk music with song lyrics that truly reflect a worshipful tone, Living Fire’s Dead To Sin is perfection.

Dead To Sin is available for download (, and through iTunes and other digital retailers. CDs are available through the Thumper Punk Records webstore (

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