Mouth Of The South – Transparency review

MOTS transparencyHow often have you wondered how a band creates the name for their latest release? Mouth Of The South has made that transparently clear on Transparency.  Sorry for the poor pun, but the fact is that Mouth Of The South wants to spread the word of God through their music. Lyrically Transarency transcends the typical output of most metal bands by revealing their hearts with out barrier or pretence. It’s refreshing to find a Christian band fail that is so self-revealing.

Vocalist, Josiah Lyle, bares the innermost aspects of his soul as he shares on Transparency both the trials and triumphs he encounters in his walk with Christ. Lyrically the album brings to mind the Book of Psalms. David shared the pain, suffering and torments he encountered, along with the joy he experienced when he prevailed over the adversities in his life.

Adversities are brought to the forefront on “Whanau”.

Was heaven not enough, you had to dive into hell?
I know you’re searching for a cure but God is not in that needle
Was heaven not enough for you?

For those who are honest about their spiritual walk, it’s easy to empathise with the lyrics of “Riddance”.

I am trying to find my way back home
But I’ve had a hard time with these dry and weary bones
I am a Pharisee by definition
Far too proud to admit when I am wrong
I am a plague to my own existence
I’m killing myself with this repetitious sin
I am a hypocrite!
Wash me clean I am so desperate to be free

The compassion and grace of Christ is the basis of “Part 2”.

I look back, I look back on all the things you’ve seen and it breaks my heart
But don’t forget, don’t forget your pain was nailed to me
Lay your burdens down at the foot the cross

“Epilogue” is the greatest track on Transparency and includes the simplest and most profound statement.

Show me this world through the holes in your hands

Transparency may not be to the liking of every listener for the simple reason that it may awaken us each to the condition of our own souls. For those who don’t wish to accept the status quo and desire to be honest with ourselves and God, Transparency is an eye-opener.

The Antidote top picks from Transparency:

“Part 2”

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