Nimisilla Park – “Welcome to Nimisilla Park” review


A long time ago in a music world far, far away, a band existed. A band that took the world by storm, but sadly its energy ebbed and became only a well loved memory. That band was D.O.C. (Disciples Of Christ). Both Grammy and GMA Dove Award nominated, the music of D.O.C. went into the history books. Now it’s time for a new beginning and a new era.

D.O.C.’s founding members Alton Hood and Michael Brown return as Nimisilla Park. On their debut EP, Welcome to Nimisilla Park, the band members come with a revitalized energy, delivering a boldly unapologetic, and melodically infectious message. Combining elements of rock, pop, hip-hop and more, this project is no rehash of past glory days, but a statement of renewed faith and purpose.

Welcome to Nimisilla Park, carries its listeners from the fist-pumping anthemic vibe of “Outpour” and “Troublemakers”, to the simple and worshipful with “Overflow” and “Prayer”.  With a beautifully smooth vibrant delivery, Nimisilla Park has delivered an outstanding debut.

Find Welcome to Nimisilla Park at and iTunes.


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