Parental Petulance – self-titled review

PARENTAL – relating to a person’s parent or parents.
PETULANCE – the quality of being childishly sulky or bad-tempered.

Anyone who has lived through the experience of having multiple pre-schoolers under their roof will understand and appreciate the eponymous debut from Parental Petulance.

When a couple decides to have children, they have great expectations as to their potential parenting skills. Then reality comes into the picture. Little Johnny vomits onto Aunt Josie’s lap at the family gathering. Tiny Susie let’s out the shrieks of a banshee when being denied a treat at the supermarket check-out. Those agonies find a home in Parental Petulance.

Potty humour abounds on the soon to be classic punk songs, “Into the Loo” and “Poops in my Butt”.

Hey mama, don’t be mad
I’ve got poops in my butt
And it stinks real bad
Hey mama, you best take a peak
It felt real soft
And I’m afraid it’s gonna leak

For those who are looking for serious topics, Parental Petulance won’t fill that need. But if you have young ones, you can be inspired by the insightful hilarity that comes from this band and album.

Save yourself a few bucks by reusing those disposal diapers and invest the money in your own copy of Parental Petulance. Now available on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp.



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