Facedown Records, More Than Sound Tour at the White House

I was more than surprised to see the Facedown Records, More Than Sound Tour hitting my hometown, Peterborough, Ontario for a tour stop. I had thought that they would be stopping in Toronto or some other major center for a tour of this caliber. No complaints on my part, it was only a twenty minute drive from home to the venue.

Headlining the tour is War of Ages, with support from Onward to Olympas, Leaders, and Letter to the Exiles. The Overseer was also on the slate, but didn’t make the Peterborough date. Unfortunately the bands had a poor turn out with only 20 people in attendance. Those who made the trouble to come out to the show we’re treated to an amazing night.

Be forewarned, this is going to be a very short review. I just got in the door from seeing Newworldson who played in the Peterborough area, and in only a few hours I head off to the Cornerstone festival in Illinois. Sleep is going to take precedence over this post tonight.

Letter to the Exiles was first up on stage at the White House in Peterborough. This hardcore band from Long Island has been around for a few years is starting to make some waves with fans. Chris King, vocalist of Letter to the Exiles did a great job setting up the evening of hard music. The band still has some maturing to do with developing a more pronounced stage presence. This is a solid band, but I don’t feel that their excellent recorded tracks translate well into their live performance.

Leaders followed Letter to the Exiles. They have had some changes in both band membership and going through a name change from ALLORNOTHING. The band had a tough start to their set. Lazarus Rios mic was dead from the start of their first song. After two mic changes, finally a cordless mic brought Lazarus’ vocals back into the audible range. This trial never seemed to phase the band who put out a solid set. The band describes their live shows as “powerful, intimate, and real. With enough character and groove to the rhythm that it makes you want to move.” A more than apt description of Leaders performance.

A local Peterborough band  (non-Christian) band The Sons of Apparatus took over the spot vacated by The Overseer.

Onward to Olympas followed the local band. I had to ask lead vocalist, Kramer Lowe, about the spelling of the name. A few of the tracks that I have from the label have the band’s name spelled “Olympus”. Olympas is the correct spelling. Kramer explained that “Olympas” is a biblical term meaning “heaven” or “heavenly”, thus rendering the band’s name to mean “Onward to Heaven”. Kramer doesn’t look the part of being the lead vocalist of a hardcore band. Clean cut, lacking tattoo sleeves, and he smiles. Constantly smiles. It really seems as though the Lord’s presence shines through the entire band.

Perhaps the small audience allowed the various bands a little more freedom to have some fun with the crowd, and themselves. The bands who weren’t on stage, were down in front, kidding around with the band currently on stage. Kramer spent part of one song roaming around the venue with his cordless mic. On stage the drummer of War of Ages, Alex Hamp, was behind the mic, mouthing the lyrics that Kramer was singing elsewhere in the venue. Later in the set he was carted around the mosh area “piggyback” while doing his vocals.

When War of Ages made it onto the stage, the same fun continued. Members of the opening bands, kidded with the War of Ages band members. Slapping the stage, making a grab for their legs, jumping on stage to add their vocals to the War of Ages songs. Leroy Hamp, vocalist of War of Ages, also went for a tour of the venue with mic in hand, serenading (can that term be used when speaking of hardcore music?) billiard players near the stage.

This concert will go into my memory banks as one of the most entertaining nights I’ve had. The smiles, kidding, and laughter from all the bands made it a truly special experience.

Check out all of these bands on the Facedown Record artist roster.

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