Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk at The Garnet

Indie-folk band, Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk made to Peterborough during their Ontario leg of their North American “From Here to There” tour. Wednesday night, Feb 22, they filled The Garnet. I’m talking about a really small venue, but it was filled nonetheless. Tickets were a bargain at only $5.

Lauren and her husband Zoltan are the core of the band, but they’ve fleshed out the Fairly Odd Folk quotient of the band by adding a full time drummer (Aaron Fraser), guitarist (Mike Pardy) and bass player (Hammer Clark).

The concert had a late start at 10pm which may have contributed to a smaller turn-out. The late start was helpful to me however, the band was able to join me for a live interview at Trent Radio prior dashing down the road to get to the venue on time.

Lauren has been performing indie folk music since her teens and has honed her craft by playing a huge number of dates recently. During 2011 the band played 200 shows in both Canada and Europe. major festivals have also taken notice of her talents as she’s performed at the Cornerstone Festival in Illinois and the Calgary Folk Festival in her home town of Calgary.

I’ve seen Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk play a several of times in the past and I’ve never been disappointed. Last Friday she played a number of songs from her 2010 release, Stories From Home, such as “Stow Me Away” and “Lost in the Sound”. She also added some new tracks from the upcoming album Over Land and Sea. They were able to use the talents of producer Aaron Marsh (ex of the band Copeland) to polish the signature Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk sound. The band has offered a teaser on Noisetrade by offering three free tracks from the new album.

The finale of the night was a stand out, absolutely killer track, “I Lost Myself” from the new album. You have to hear this song.

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk are continuing their musical odyssey as they continue to cover the rest of Eastern Canada before head to the States for the rest of the tour. Be sure to check out both their tour schedule at

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