Salt of the Chief Cornerstone at The Opera House

guitar smlI arrived early at my favourite Toronto venue, The Opera House. It was an indie music night with a full schedule of moderately talented artists. As I came through the doors a guy stopped me for a chat.

“Who ya here to see?”, he asked.
“Salt of the Chief Cornerstone”, I replied.
“They’re a two-piece ya know”.
“Yeah” I said. “Drums and guitar. Like PS I Love You and Death From Above 1979”.
He responded, “No, not like that. This is life changing”.

He was right.

Iven Kakoz (drums) and Brandon Blanchette (guitar) make up the Windsor, ON based Salt of the Chief Cornerstone. No vocals, little stage talk, no jumping from banks of speakers, no stage diving, no theatrics. What does take place is like seeing the greatest jam session ever. Yes, I do mean ever. These guys have extraordinary skills that exceed even biggest names in music.

I’ve been to well over a thousand shows. My top five list is exclusive and includes top performers MUTEMATH, The National, Sigur Rós and Five Iron Frenzy. Now, Salt of the Chief Cornerstone joins those ranks. If you value truly great music, it’s your duty to see this band live.

The Antidote feature on Salt of the Chief Cornerstone airs June 17th at 9pm.

Click here for more about Salt of the Chief Cornerstone.

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