Episode 379: The Covers, part 3

The Antidote
The Antidote
Episode 379: The Covers, part 3

This episode is our third and final installment of mainstream songs covered by Christian artists. Fans of Queen will love this as Kevin Max and Freddie Mercury sound-a-like, Marc Martel bring their versions of famous Queen songs. Other mainstreams artist like The Beach Boys, Tears For Fears, Hozier, and The Police, all find a spot in the repertoire of Christian artists. We also bring a pair of unusual covers of Christian artists.

Music from:
We Shot The Moon
Lacey Sturm
One Bad Pig
Project 86
And Then There Were None
Relient K
Matthew Thiessen And The Earthquakes
Kevin Max
Marc Martel
Beautiful Dying Day

Photo credit: Jamie Seuss

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