Episode 588: Audiofeed 2023, part 1

The Antidote
The Antidote
Episode 588: Audiofeed 2023, part 1

No one is more disappointed to miss the years Audiofeed Music Festival, than I am. If you attended or were housebound, you’ll want to hear some of the featured bands who performed at Audiofeed in 2023. There’s so many artists, this has turned into a three part feature. Tonight the styles range through punk, rock, metal, indie, alternative and hip hop. Hear the artists as we begin with American Arson and head through the alphabet to Jeremiah Dirt. Part 1 of 3.

Music from:
American Arson
Becoming The Archetype
Brave Days
City Sun
Coxey’s Army
Death Therapy
Gaffer Project
Hello Luna
Idle Threat
Jeremiah Dirt

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