Easter Teeth​/​Moral Monsters Split 7″


Easter Teeth have joined with Moral Monsters on a new split 7″, released today through Veritas Vinyl

Moral Monsters is a pop punk duo (Ben Ellis and Anthony Schillaci) from the north side suburbs of Houston Texas.  Aggressive and thought-provoking, they take an unapologetic approach to christian apologetics in their songwriting, focusing primarily on the decline of the postmodern, post Christian western culture.  With influences that range from Paul Simon and David Bazan to MxPx and Nofx, there is sure to be something to offend everyone. 

Since 2009, Easter Teeth’s Josh (vocals and drums) and Tim (vocals, bass, keys, and gadgets) have set out to convince the world that their two musical loves, Soul and Hardcore, indeed belong together. Hailing from Goleta, CA, Easter Teeth spreads golden grooves and good times wherever they may roam.

Vinyl orders of the  Easter Teeth​/​Moral Monsters Split 7″ are available through the Veritas Vinyl webstore.

If you’re impatiently needing new music NOW! Find the digital download through Bandcamp.

Easter Teeth has shared their Youtube video for “WATCH ME GET MY WORSHIP ON” and recently described the filming process with IDIOTEQ.

We’ve always wanted to make a video because, not only are we so dang attractive, but because we’ve always thought audio alone doesn’t do us justice. We’ve limited ourselves to being a two-man band, and we enjoy the challenge of making our sound as full as possible with just the two of us. So we wanted to be able to show those who haven’t had the chance to catch our live set exactly how we do it. It was tons of fun to film! We had no idea what we were doing, but we thought if we barbecued for our friends and had ping pong and pool to entertain them, how could we go wrong? Our dear friend Ty Hegner did the filming with his iPhone and a camera we borrowed from a local film school. The small, bored crowd is an homage to the on-again-off-again punk scene in our hometown. We are really grateful to Ty and everyone who was in on it. Hope you like it!

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