Hands reunite for new EP

After dropping out of the music scene following their 2011 release of Give Me Rest, Hands have reunited and released a new two track EP, New Heaven / New Earth, through Facedown Records.

Hands, are a band that combines circling atmospheric guitars punctuated with hard hitting progressions and a thundering rhythm section. Where rock and roll meets ambient hardcore meshed with warm silvery singing overtop of hardcore screams. Their songs are carefully crafted and layered with hope and strength, bringing evocative lyrics and emotional vocals leave Hands open-hearted to listeners. Shane Ochsner’s voice carries seamlessly from throaty growl to melodic yell and settles beautifully into sweet harmony as the songs progress.

Hands diverse musical pallet is exemplified in their ability to unfurl hugely anthemic post-rock ballads bearing the influence of Isis or Cult of Luna while at the same time laying out both solidly progressive hardcore tracks inspired by bands such as Life In Your Way and Misery Signals and even experimental alternative rock reflecting their love of bands like Jimmy Eat World, Hum and The Violet Burning.

Josh Silbernage (drums) commented on the new release:

After all these years, we still feel like we have art that is worth creating and something to say that is worth saying. This record is a message of hope and and solidarity in a time of despair and division.

Hands 2-song EP New Heaven / New Earth is now worldwide on all digital outlets: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify.

Limited edition 7″ vinyl can be preordered now with an instant download of the songs. Vinyl is limited to 330 hand numbered pieces with screen printed cover art.

Last month a special Hands reunion set was announced as part of the 2017 Facedown Fest in Pomona, CA this May. Before disbanding, Hands released two full length albums on Facedown: Creator and Give Me Rest.

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