Hippos of Doom EP giveaway

Hippos of Doom logo

(Does anyone else think the band logo is a reference to one of the worst (and most hilarious) gore movies of all time, The Machine Girl?) 

The Masked Hippo and Old Hippo have combined their wonder twin powers to breach the surface and answer the questions of our generation – Star Wars versus Star Trek? Would Punky Brewster survive a circle-pit? Can someone with fingers the size of sausages successfully impersonate Matt Freeman’s bass riffs?  The Hippos of Doom also wax eloquent regarding other mind-melding and mind-numbing questions over a variety of musical styles including ska, melodic, old school and three-chord punk.  Get ready for a double slab of fun.  The first serving will be a FREE five song EP called “Road Trip,” which will be available for download exclusively through Indie Vision Music.

Somehow the band ABSOLVED seems to have temporarily misplaced their two biggies, bass player Byron and guitarist Bob.  Said Thumper Punk Records, “God must have a sense of humor.  How else could you explain these guys?”  To add to the insanity drum duties are being assigned to ex HIT THE DECK,  ZIPPY JOSH drummer Jak Thorpe.  TMZ recently spotted Waldo Nava III at the Hippo compound.  It has been confirmed that his left handed guitar skills will melt your face, or at least butter on a warm biscuit.

Click here for the EP.

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