My Epic shakes it up on “Ultraviolet”

My Epic remains as one the least dependable bands in the music scene. That’s a good thing. What makes them undependable is the constant evolution of their sound. Bucking the trend of maintaining a boring consistency gives vibrancy to the sound of My Epic. Expecting the unexpected from a band keeps their art fresh.

Fresh from My Epic is the mellow, “Of Wilderness”, the lead single from their upcoming release Ultraviolet. This latest project is actually two related projects, a pair of EPs conceptualized to address a common theme from two different points of view. Dealing with things which are beyond what we can see and know, and things that we do see, but can’t fit into our paradigm.

Ultraviolet, the first installment of the two-EP concept release, My Epic examine some of the more difficult aspects of faith, dealing with things which are beyond sight and understanding. “Let’s not pretend all of the answers fit together perfectly like a puzzle. We encounter things that make us concerned, angry, uncertain or anxious, and the rote explanations we’ve been given are found wanting.”

The second EP, Violence (releasing late 2018), promises to be the band’s heaviest project to date. My Epic explores the darker corners of faith, asking “What do we do when we don’t have a good explanation for difficult circumstances? And how do we think of God in the midst of things that are so obviously contrary to what we think God should be like?”

With the twin releases, My Epic hope to offer a process of exploration into personal faith, or lack thereof. They hope to give listeners the freedom to unravel the substance of their own fears and anxieties. “There are massive things going on beyond our sight and understanding. Do we ignore them? Do we explain them, or at least attempt to? We have come to a place where we feel like this dissection is the right and timely thing to do.”

Ultraviolet drops March 30th through Facedown Records.

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