Starflyer 59 is going “SLOW”

s59Starflyer 59 is on the brink of releasing their fourteenth studio album, SLOW. This release marks a return to the Tooth & Nail label after the band self-released their album, IAMACEOin 2013. “I like consistency,” explains Jason Martin, the singer, founder, and main creative force behind Starflyer 59. “I like looking back and seeing over a twenty year history with the label. I’m comfortable being on Tooth & Nail, it feels like home.”

The album—written and produced by Martin—chronicles his life now, two decades after he first began making music. “It’s just different,” says Martin. “The lyrics of this record are more of a reflection on being a middle aged adult instead of a 20-year-old kid talking about a girl he likes.” Although their legacy has built a sturdy and loyal fan base, the band has no plans to tour the upcoming album.

SLOW features eight songs and releases worldwide (CD, LP, and digital) June 17th, 2016. You can pre-order the record at MerchNow.

The first song released from SLOW, “Wrongtime,” is now streaming at SpotifyGoogle Play, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Check out the song and let the band know what you think via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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