The Chariot calls it quits

Without a doubt The Chariot must be considered as one of the most highly regarded bands. in any genre. Their music has also been difficult to define. Sometimes described as hardcore punk, sometimes metalcore, sometimes mathcore. The fact remains that The Chariot has always produced music, great music, just the way they want and without apology.

After 10 years in the music business, The Chariot put out a short note YouTube via their Facebook site regarding their future.

Thank you. To everyone on this planet Earth that has ever supported us, helped us, watched us, hung out with us, given us a place to stay, given food, prayed over us, loaned us equipment, advised us, booked us, or given us a chance, no matter how big or small…we are forever grateful.

The Chariot will be finish up their career this fall with a series of dates throughout the US. If you’ve never had a chance to see The Chariot live, now will be your only chance to discover why this band has one of the greatest of live shows.

Check out this video send off to The Chariot.


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