“Time Spent” from Household

11377222_800886753359979_7824477997906064270_nHousehold is a band who have been hidden away in the music scene until recently, but the band has created a body of work that bears serious listening.

Their new release, Time Spent, is the kind of album that ignores what is expected. Incorporating elements of hardcore, melodic punk, emo, and post-hardcore, Time Spent’s influences are varied and deep, but shaped together in a way that is invitingly familiar. Intricate guitar lines weave in and out of heavy breakdowns, lightning fast drumming effortlessly flows into hauntingly subdued passages, with Joshua Gilbert’s powerful singing voice holding it all together.

The album’s title and main lyrical themes point to asking the sorts of questions that apply to any young person, yet are presented with such maturity and reflectiveness that they’re relatable to listeners of any age. What are we choosing to do with our time, how are we letting our days go by? For the members of Household, the answers have an inspiring simplicity; they’re trying their best to do what they love.

Purchase Time Spent here or as digital download through Bandcamp.

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