Valentines Day is coming (ladies please don’t read)

Ok guys it’s time to admit that your romance skills are non-existent:

  • You let your significant other drive herself to meet you for a “romantic dinner” at McDonalds.
  • Weeding the lawn of dandelions is the only time you’ve considered giving flowers to your sweetheart.
  • You really meant to give her the WHOLE box of chocolates, but they were way too tempting to eat. (Oh yeah, and it was a loooooong drive to her house).
  • Adding decorative wrap to a box of kitchen cleaning supplies, does NOT equate to a heartfelt gift.

Tooth & Nail Records creation of a Valentine playlist has given hope to those of us who are romantically challenged. Tell your lady that you lovingly gave special thought to songs that best described your intimate feeling for her.
1. Kiss Me, Honey – We Are The City

2. Have I Always Loved You? – Copeland

3. From Long Sleep – Abandoned Pools

4. Inevitable – Anberlin

5. With Love From Me To You – Watashi Wa

6. Fell In Love At 22 – Starflyer 59

7. We’re So Far Away – Mae

8. Kiss My Lips – Bon Voyage

9. Angel – Slick Shoes

10. Are You The Walrus? – Furthermore

11. Jamie’s Kisses – Pep Squad

12. One In A Million – Run Kid Run

13. Time & Confusion – Anberlin

14. Coupleskate – Joe Christmas

15. Sweeter Than Me – Aaron Sprinkle

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