Abby Nicole EP review


Each child wants to admire their father. Every father wants their child to follow in their footsteps. But sometimes there’s a twist in the story. That’s the case with father Seth Stephan and daughter Abby Nicole.

Seth is renowned as a punk artist (better known as Sef Idle of False Idle), but Abby Nicole has taken a divergent musical path, picking up her guitar and performing as a talented singer/songwriter. On her self-titled, Abby Nicole brings heartfelt lyrics, solid guitaring, and delivers a powerful voice that’s far beyond her 15 years.

Released through MMLJ Records, Abby Nicole is a five song EP that deals with the bumps in the road of life, but leads to discovering that the love of Christ brings the security we desire.

Top track: “Much More”

Abby Nicole is available through iTunes and Bandcamp.




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