Blast From Oblivion – To Hell And Back review

Blast From Oblivion - To Hell And Back

Blast From Oblivion’s solitary member and multi-instrumentalist, Splatter Guts (yes, you read that correctly), leads his followers into the oddly inspiring new release, To Hell And Back. Capturing a genre rarely covered by Christian artists, Blast From Oblivion’s thrash/horror/punk showcases music viewed from a spiritual perspective.

To Hell And Back is not a pretty album. Tough topics and the rough hewn recording of the release gives it the character required of Blast From Oblivion’s sound. The new recording blends a wide range of elements into a outstanding melodic package.  The conceptually based album carries the listener through the figurative journey of Doug Harvey (Splatter Guts) as he recounts his fall to the depths, “The Beginning / Forbidden Land”, to the subsequent rebuilding of his soul through Christ, “Epiphany In Hell”.

Prettiness does extend to the brutally amazing artwork by Dave Besanson as he captures the mood of To Hell And Back with his superb depiction of Splatter Guts. 

To Hell And Back will be destined to stay in our memories as a defining moment. One where shock and horror meet a redeeming end.

Find a hard copy of To Hell And Back at SkyBurnsBlack records or digitally at Bandcamp.

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