Infirmities – Paid In Blood review


For a genre is known for terse, to the point songs. The thrash punk EP, Paid In Blood from Infirmities, takes that characteristic to a ridiculous level. Eight tracks with a running time of 7:52 makes this the briefest release I’ve ever heard.

While I admire the intentions of Infirmities, the EP does little sonically. Limited recording depth leaves the songs sounding as if they were released at 64 kbps instead of the stated 320 kbps. Gang vocals don’t mesh with J Hawk’s lead while simplistic lyrics fail to grab attention or interest.

The only redeeming aspect of Paid In Blood comes on the closing track, “Infirmities Anthem”. The band meshes into a unified sound as the long bass intro lead into the repeated chorus.

Deep From My Infirmities
Jesus Is My Remedy
Deep From My Infirmities
Jesus Is My Remedy

He’s My God He’s My God

It came as a surprise that Infirmities pulled up short on Paid In Blood. Leak vocalist J Hawk has had 25 years in the punk scene to know the in and outs. His previous band, Kings Kids, had the depth that Infirmities so clearly lacks. Perhaps this style in style may prove to Infirmities that brevity hasn’t made for good company on Paid In Blood.

Infirmities is:
J Hawk – Vocals
Harvey Rebellion – Guitar
T Wrex – Bass
Bam Bam – Drums

Find Infirmities Paid In Blood on Bandcamp.

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